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Did you know

that life insurance policies can vary by up to 35% in price?

In our busy lives, we often look for convenience and simplicity to get things done. Or maybe we don't have enough information and not sure where to look. These situations apply for life insurance choices too. We already do banking somewhere, so why wouldn’t we get everything else done at the same place too?

A 55-year-old, non-smoker, male from VIC working as a plumber could pay as much as $333.98 / month and as less as $270.74 / month for $1,000,000 Life Insurance. This is a difference of almost 24% which could end up in your pocket.

However, did you know, the premiums from one company to another for the same person can vary by as much as 35% when comparing Life Insurance?


With the insurance sector being at its competitive best and our access to quotes from 12 insurance providers, it is never too late to do a quick comparison and see if you are paying the most price competitive premium.

Policy prices to the nearest $ / month

Be smart. Compare your insurance & save.

And, for a limited time only, we offer 20% of your first-year premiums back on any life insurance purchased.

Compare your life insurance

 & save

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Compare Life Insurance, Income Protection, Total and Permanent Disability and Trauma to find a competitive rate for your situation by providing you prices for all products on our panel. Clear Choice Financial Pty. Ltd. aims to save its customers money, time and effort through its innovative rate comparison website designed specifically to cater the needs of the Australian market. Do an online comparison today or if you would like to call us, we have trained professionals ready to help you with your enquiry.


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