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Premiums Return – all the premiums paid will be returned once you get to the age of 99.


Level Premiums – you can have the peace of mind that the premiums will not go up with age.


Premium Cap Benefit – you will never pay more than what your selected cover amount is. Once you paid premiums equivalent to your sum insured amount, you don’t pay any more premiums. 


Guaranteed Acceptance – if you are an Australian aged 18 to 70, you have a guaranteed acceptance.


Worldwide Cover – you will have the peace of mind that you will be covered 24 hours a day/7 days a week wherever you go.


Guaranteed Renewable – Once you are covered, your cover will not be affected by changes to your health, occupation or pastimes as long as you keep meeting the policy rules and pay your premiums.


Discounts for insuring you and your partner – enjoy a 10% discount when you take out Funeral Insurance on the same policy.


Ease of applying – It takes approximately 5 minutes to apply for cover whether you prefer online or over the phone.

No Blood Tests – With no medicals or blood test to worry about, you’ll be covered as soon as your application is accepted.


No Cancellation fee – Should you decide to cancel your policy, you can at any time with no cancellation fee.



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